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Just Me.

Hello, My name is Megan i from NewM. I love everything and everyone no matter what. Im happy and nice. I crated this to show you my daily life and my adventures! i hope you like!!!

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Oh, is that where it is?

Im on Instagram! @imegans

Im in Polyvore! Megan



So pretty♥♥♥i love it!

     Just Me.

 Hi, im new on tumblr. About me, my name is Megan S. I live in New Mexico, Im 14. i love my pets, my family, my friends. Im a nice happy person(so they tell me) im very funny and an open person, im outgoing. I can get bitchy, once in awhile. Need to know more? ASK!!! hope you like!!! :)


Heading to the beach♥


I love this!♥

"Act like a lady, Think like a boss♥"

-Me and bettyboop!